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I do prefer not being that elegant at all. Clique aqui e saiba como baixar!

Logan18 30 Top Posters - 12 Mai , I like all of seasons, but I have to choice only one So, I prefer summer, because in the summer you can see more beautiful women on the streets and on the beach! You can get out all day it's not possible to someone who works , besides is more pleasurable doing all that you have scheduled to do in the summer like, to walk, to ride a bycicle and travel in the summer Winter rulezzzzzzzz!

I love winter, the reason is simple! It's cold enough to keep you at home, watching movies, tv probably with your boyfriend Talk about hot! Or you could have a beef tenderloin quite literally roasted on the sidewalk at midnoon, provided you have your shoes on. Bad joke, command or filename! I prefer spring because its not too rainy like summer, neither too dry like winter. I prefer the summer because it's better to work, people becomes more happy, more willing to have fun!

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Name: Carrie. Name: Josh.

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Talking about a beautiful color, in spring they are pink, red, and white and incredibly delicate. One of the favorite things to do in the spring is hike. I cannot stand the cold so when spring hits I love getting outdoors and walking along the beautiful paths that now have flowers and wildlife all around it. There are so many great places to hike here in the New River Valley as well as where I am from. The weather also makes it easier to do and enjoy outdoor activities. Another great thing about spring that I think everyone notices and enjoys, is that the days get longer. When the sun sets later, there seems to be more time in the day and to have fun outside.

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The best thing for me about spring is that it is an optimistic season. It makes me happy and I always start to think the best of things when spring comes. I am more energized and active when spring comes.