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Stop Communism? What about Iraq? Why are we not in Russia yet? Is there not an oppressed people there? You must be logged in to post a comment.

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Apply for internships and jobs advancing liberty ideas. See opportunities. Discuss the ideas of liberty at a free summer seminar. List of events. Debate: Is War Ever Justified?

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Is intervention morally justified? Is it practical? Sorry about earlier. And that the world will see it. It is the only way we have a chance that people might intervene. And indeed, one could argue has been disastrous, and time after time. Many young people here are too young to remember the war in Vietnam, and I am not, unfortunately, too young to remember it. And so that was a big disaster. So how do you make the case for military intervention? I think I would just say this: that there are times when military intervention on the part of the United States is appropriate. And the examples that I would offer were Franklin D.

Is war ever justified? |

Roosevelt, who recognized that there was great evil in the world in Nazism, national socialism, in Germany and in Japanese imperialism. Both enamored with the idea of a master race and human superiority of their race and ethnicity. And I think Roosevelt understood that, and he positioned the United States to stand up against it militarily even before the declaration of war.

Even before Pearl Harbor. The United States was intervening militarily to support England in their fight against Germany and to support China in their resistance against Japan. Was that wrong? And it did lead the United States into war, but that was a war where we belonged.

I think in the current environment, we are confronted with a religious movement where people feel it is justified by God to kill young women who are seeking higher education. To kill health care providers who are trying to bring the benefits of science to poor people throughout the world. And I think that is a great evil. And I think the United States is right to lend its resources whenever free people anywhere in the world are standing up to that kind of, I think what can only be called fascism.

And when is the right time? Should we intervene? Should we not intervene? Those are real arguments. I think the best we can do is reject ideology as a solution to these problems and try and elect people whose judgment we trust. Ultimately it comes down to a judgment question. This is my four-step case for pacifism. First, in modern wars, there are no wars of self defense.

War today inevitably means deliberately or at least recklessly killing innocent civilians. This creates a strong moral presumption against war. Three, in practice, predicting the consequences of war is extremely difficult. Extremely difficult. Expert predictions are hardly better than chance. The political scientist Philip Tetlock did a years study where he asked people to predict events very early on and then went to see if they were right.

They did barely better than chance, even though they were the experts in the areas they were talking about in foreign policy.

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Fourth, there are much cheaper and more humane ways to attain the alleged humanitarian benefits of war. First and foremost, free immigration. Do you think that the women who are worried for their lives as they are going to college would even be there anymore if they can get a green card and come here? Do you think the people in Hotel Rwanda would have been there if they could have just gotten out of the country when they saw the writing on the wall?

They would be gone.

Is War Justified?

These are cheaper, much more humane ways of solving these problems than going and attacking other countries, crossing our fingers, and hoping for the best. And this kind of actually gets at something you were saying before, right? So if there were, for example, ethnic cleansing happening in San Diego, we would probably feel obligated to step in. I would apply exactly the same test I just did inside or outside the country. Get started. Log in. Houston, we have a problem! Send the link below via email or IM Copy. Present to your audience Start remote presentation.

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Neither you, nor the coeditors you shared it with will be able to recover it again. No description. Comments 0 Please log in to add your comment. Report abuse. More presentations by Dynamic Shape Display. Technical Services Org Chart. In this 28 day unit, students will gain background information on historic wars, compare different genres' presentations of events, recognize different points of view, research an essential question, compile evidence, create warrants that lead to a claim which answers the essential question, and write an argumentative essay.

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