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The physiotherapists have many pre prepared programs with upgrades so your program is easy to follow. You will receive clear documented instructions with the programs. There are key ingredients to correct exercise prescription including selecting appropriate exercises relevant to your problem s , correct technique, suitable dosage and then timely upgrades to your program. Programs available: Knee rehabilitation classes, Back stability programs including initial consultation with real time ultrasound, Shoulder rehabilitation, Back mobility programs, Tendon rehabilitation.

At the practice, there is a large Exercise room with 6 reformers, trapeze tables and other specialist training equipment.

Before commencing a program, a physiotherapy assessment is essential to identify your problem areas and to determine your exercise goals and strategy. After assessment, your physiotherapist will discuss your overall program thoroughly with you. Clinical Exercise programs provided at Noosa Sports and Spinal Physiotherapy are always specific and tailored to client assessment findings and personal goals. Hydrotherapy is a treatment program supervised by physiotherapists in a warm water pool approximately degrees.

Why do hydrotherapy? The exercises that are performed place minimal stress and and cause less joint inflammation making it easy for unobstructed painless movement of the body.

The buoyancy effect of water helps support the weight of the body which causes less loading and jarring through the joints and bones; very beneficial for solving problems including arthritis, obesity, healing fractures, surgical conditions, fibromyalgia, pain and muscle wasting. The pressure across the body creates resistance which improves strength. The exercises that are performed cannot be done out on land. Hydrotherapy is a particularly effective and a comfortable way for patients to rehabilitate. Noosa Sports and Spinal Physiotherapy is the only private practice allocated to run hydrotherapy classes at the Noosa Hospital Hydrotherapy Centre.

How to join the classes: We assess your problem s at the practice before you can join a class so that your exercises can be individually tailored to your needs. You will need to make an appointment at the practice to have a full assessment. At the conclusion of the first assessment, our staff will provide further clear instructions re the class times and directions for the hydrotherapy classes. The service is claimable with private health insurance, workers compensation, DVA and motor vehicle accident insurance.

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Benefits of Hydrotherapy Exercises Hydrotherapy Exercises can: increase mobility, reduce pain and muscle spasm, improve and maintain joint range of movement, strengthen weak muscle groups, increase physical fitness and functional tolerances, re-educate normal movement patterns, improve balance, improve co-ordination, improve posture, improve self confidence, stimulate circulation. Quality professional massage solutions including remedial, sports, relaxation and lymphatic are available.

Services available: Treatment style and time available on request including 30 minute, 60 minute and 90 minute sessions. Foot type and function has a direct effect on joint alignment of the ankles, knees, hips and spine. Abnormal function will impact on walking mechanics and can cause a chain reaction resulting in injury or pain. The ultra-technological Gaitscan TM assessment system allows our team to analyse your foot mechanics by accurately measuring foot timing and mapping foot pressure.

A detailed visual report and graph is produced. We can determine whether abnormal foot function is a contributing cause of your lower limb problem and whether customised orthotics will benefit you. This information can be sent to the Gaitscan lab where the information is analysed to mould and manufacture customised orthotics specific to your feet. There are a variety of customised orthotics available to suit your shoe type including orthotics for work shoes, running, golf and ski boots. The aim is optimise your foot function by improving biomechanics, joint alignment, foot comfort, proprioception foot position awareness and shock absorption.

Services What we do. Manual Therapy. You begin this exercise in the same fashion: on the back with the knees bent, feet flat against the floor and arms at your sides. Draw the belly button toward the spine as you tighten the abdomen. Keeping the legs bent, lift one of them off the floor and hold it for five seconds before lowering it to the ground and lifting the other leg for five seconds.

Next, lift one arm over the head; hold it for five seconds then lower it. Repeat with the other arm. Once this becomes easy, you can double up, lifting a leg and the opposite arm at the same time. Repeat this sequence for five to ten repetitions in sets of three.

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Partial curl: Begin this pose the same way as the pelvic tilt exercise. Tuck the chin to the chest and curl the upper body forward to lift the shoulders off the floor with your hands straight out in front of you. Hold this pose for three seconds before relaxing the abs and uncurling the upper back down to the floor.


Breathing out can help you lift the shoulders off the floor. Repeat this exercise 10 times for three sets. To make this more difficult, you can clasp the hands behind the head with the elbows pointed out to the sides like a crunch as you perform this exercise. Gluteal stretch: Lie on the back with both knees bent. Rest the ankle of one leg against the knee of the other.

Grab onto the thigh of the bottom leg and pull it toward the chest until you feel a stretch in the buttocks and possibly the outer part of the hip. Hold this pose for 15 to 30 seconds before switching legs. These stretches for spondylolisthesis should be repeated three times for each leg. Double-knee to chest: This exercise is similar to the dead bug back exercise. Start with the knees bent and feet flat against the floor.

Tighten the abdomen to push the low back against the floor and lift both legs off the ground and pull them to the chest. Hold this pose for five seconds then lower the legs back down to the ground. Repeat 10 to 20 times.

Spondylolisthesis EXERCISES - Effective Exercises For Spondylolisthesis TREATMENT At Home Naturally

Tighten the abdominals; while doing so, raise one arm and the opposite leg. Hold this pose for five seconds and then lower the leg and arm to the ground and repeat with the opposite arm and leg. Complete 10 repetitions on each side.

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Here are three spondylolisthesis exercises to avoid: Heavy weightlifting: Weightlifting, especially if you use improper lifting techniques, can take a toll on your back in many ways. Read more about proper lifting techniques. Twisting or bending: Although core exercises for spondylolisthesis can be vital in strengthening your abdominal muscles and your back, make sure to avoid those that involve excessive twisting to the side or bending over such as toe touches.

This may cause further injury to your spine and cause additional pain. Exercises such as running, basketball, football, etc.