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After a while, the dry earth did quench its thirst, turning into a magical green overnight. But the rain gave no sign to stop.

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Water level seemed to go up and up, overflowing the river. The houses began to get submerged, what started as a blessing snatched away homes. Gradually the water subsided, leaving behind a trail of dismantled houses.

The land was softer with silt, but the willpower of the people was stronger than ever. They went back to assembling the pieces the very next day. Everyone became the builder of their own home. One by one all the neighbors joined hands. They survived the storm together and together they started to rise. Within days, all the houses got re-erected, as did their dreams.

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These habitual arrangements only demonstrate the existence of an age-old relationship between the people and water. Well aware of the blessings that it brought, they were used to the seasonal floods despite its hardships. Living in the most dynamic and fluid landscape of the world, the hydrological dynamic had allowed the people to traditionally develop a particular building typology that empowered them to sustain their lifestyles adapting to this predictable change of seasons This idea of resilience and sustainability through aesthetic decisions and absolute carefulness in design was made even clearer during my visit to Kyoto.

Rengeji Temple and the Katsura Imperial Villa endure in perfect condition - not due to unbreakable materiality, but because they have deeply touched people's emotion. As a result, they have become worthy to maintain and care for.

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This very same idea applies to the thatched roofs, that I visited in the backcountry of Kobe. Ikuya Sagara san, a thatcher, invited me to his house in Ogo. He generously showed me some of his works and even let me assist on construction site. I still doubt my contribution to the progress on construction, but he still invited me to come back to Japan and work with him. A common thatched roof lasts about thirty years. Especially the parts that are exposed to wind, rain and snow a lot will start to rotten - the roof needs to be fixed.

Due to its thickness and the natural properties of material and construction, only the very top layer of the roof needs to be replaced completely - the layers beneath can be reused in the construction of the new roof which then again will last for thirty more years It has received an avalanche of attention and positive reviews from a wide variety of sources. Presidential nominee-hopeful, is a both a summary of the book's contents and a serious reflection on its argument. It is an apt starting point for approaching this year's topic and Question. Read all about their workshop in Malaysia here.

Marco Aurelio Baquero, Architect. Photo: website. Interactive science museum. Charles Cunniffe Architects.

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Lina Bo Bardi, Architect. Miguel Angel Navarro, Architect. This DMV is one of such offices in California, all of which issue driver's licenses, identity cards, and vehicle registrations. One of sixteen libraries in the Oakland Public Library system. Charles W. Dickey and John J.

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Donovan, Architects. Designed by Arthur Brown, Jr. Fjmt Architects.

Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo, Japan. Oscar Niemeyer, Architect. Ffrf student scholarship essay contests.

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