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Mortgage Application. Joliet Office Essington Rd. Mortgage or Land Contract Payable Balance. Mortgage or Land Contract Payable Payment. Original Amount Total.

Balance Total. Payment Total. Due From. Present Balance. Collectable Yes No. Present Balance Total.

How To Build A Personal Financial Statement

Name of Company. Net Cash Value. Net Cash Value Total. This information is provided for the purpose of obtaining credit for the Applicant s or for the purpose of Applicant s guaranteeing credit for others. Applicant s acknowledge that representations made in this statement will be relied on by the Creditor in its decision to grant such credit. This Statement is true and correct in every detail and accurately represents the financial condition of the Applicant s on the date given below. Creditor is authorized to make all inquiries it deems necessary to verify the accuracy of the information contained herein and to determine the creditworthiness of the Applicant s.

Applicant s will promptly notify Creditor of any subsequent changes which would affect the accuracy of this Statement. Applicant s are aware that any knowing or willful false statements regarding the value of the above property for purposes of influencing the actions of creditor can be a violation of federal law, 18 U. In addition, each individual signing below authorizes the Creditor to check their individual credit account and employment history and have a credit reporting agency prepare a consumer credit report on them.

Social Security Number.

Personal Financial Statement Form Template

Date of Birth. Gross Salary. Net Rental Income. Other Business Income. Note Receivable. Total Income.

Business - Personal Financial Statement

Auto Loan s. Other Notes Payable.

follow Credit Card Payment s. Income Taxes. Visit SmartBiz. Download SBA Form Even if your lender requires its own form, it will include the same items as SBA Form Your combined assets and liabilities must be reported, unless a legal document e. Applying for an SBA loan requires a lot of paperwork. Pre-qualify online in minutes and avoid having to fill out any more complicated SBA forms.

Collect paperwork that reflects your assets and liabilities from the last full month before preparing and submitting the application. For example, if you fill out the form on August 8, , you should gather documents with information as of July 31, It will also make it easier for you to answer any questions the SBA or your lender might ask of you. Once collected, place this paperwork in a binder and keep it accessible throughout the SBA loan process in case you need it.

The SBA Form personal financial statement form is three pages long. The first page provides an overview of your assets and liabilities, and subsequent pages ask for further detail on the numbers you provided on the first page. The expiration date of SBA Form is listed on the top right-hand side.

Instructions for providing general identifying information and definitions of terms used on SBA Form are as follows:. If you have all your paperwork gathered and organized, filling out the rest of the form is relatively simple. Depending on how many assets and liabilities you have, it could take as few as 15 minutes to complete. SBA Form can be completed in 11 steps. As strange as it may seem, the assets and liabilities sections located after the identifying information on page 1 are completed last.

This is because they mostly summarize information contained in the other sections. Potential income sources include W-2 and salary wages, non-real estate investments, real estate investments, child support, pensions, and Social Security. Only include income you expect to receive on a regular and recurring basis in this section of the SBA personal financial statement.

Credit Cards

This section of SBA Form details all your debts, such as credit cards, personal loans, and installment loans. Established businesses may also want to double-check their business credit reports. If needed, you can attach supplemental pages with more entries. List any property reported on your personal tax return. Property A should be your primary residence, if you own it. Use columns B and C to report additional real estate you own. This includes property such as jewelry, IRAs or other retirement accounts, cars excluding leased vehicles , and recreational vehicles.

For cars, include the make, model, and year along with a quick estimate of current value from a tool such as Kelley Blue Book. If you have used any of the property as collateral for loans or have liens against them, make sure to list the name and address of the lien holder, the amount of the lien, and payment terms e. However, you should be prepared to provide it in the event your loan provider asks for it. You can pay a consultant to provide an official business valuation, or you can estimate the value of your business and document how you made your calculation.

Who Needs to Complete SBA Form 413

This section of SBA Form is available for you to provide a detailed description of any federal, state, or local taxes you owe. You should also state whether the unpaid taxes are current or delinquent. Report taxes you owe to a foreign government in the Other Liabilities section of the form.

The SBA requires you to be current on all taxes federal, state, and local before it will make you a loan. The only exception is if you have delinquent federal income taxes with an IRS-approved payment plan. This section of the SBA personal financial statement form is a catch-all where you can list any other liabilities not previously disclosed on the form. You need to include all life insurance you or your spouse currently hold in this section of Form