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In real life, we may write e-mails, lists, notes, cover letters, reports, curricula, assignments, or essays. Some of us write articles or work on blogs, forums and websites. All of these writing tasks have a communicative purpose and a target audience.


In the English language classroom, writing often lacks that communicative purpose. However, there are ways to make the writing we do with learners more communicative and pleasurable. I have noticed that early on, children in language schools often enjoy the beginning stages of writing, when they are learning the letters or characters. Literate young learners are very willing to work at tracing letters and words, and are eager to learn how to print their names, the names of their brothers, sisters, pets, toys and classroom objects.

Yet writing can be a challenging skill for children to learn. By its nature, writing is often a solo activity, done silently, involving effort and taking a lot of time. Writing well is difficult, even for very young learners. However, writing in any language can be so much fun!

So what can we do to help children retain their early interest in writing, while they develop skills and confidence? First, students need a basic foundation and understanding of the spoken language in order to be able to write in English. For example, they need to know how to identify and talk about objects and people in English in order to write something about them. Age plays a crucial role in what we teach and how we teach it. Teaching English to young learners. Ankara: EDM Publishing. This might be used as an ice breaker, or to consolidate vocabulary learnt in a previous lesson. It consists of giving a student a word and ask them to write an acrostic — a poem that spells out the original word with the first letter of each line.

As a follow-up activity, students can read their poem to the class if they want to. The students could vote for the best poem and the winner could get a chocolate. This is an activity children love doing, as they are allowed to work in pairs. They need to already know how to use the past simple and past continuous tenses to tell a story.

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After matching the sentences, the students write a story using the verb tense given in the sentences. As a follow-up, pairs of children can compare their stories and see the differences and similarities between them. In the next class, the teacher can show how to correct errors by writing any mistakes anonymously on the board and asking students to correct them.

Most of my students have responded very positively, and are now much more comfortable about exposing their ideas. The journal diaries students post on Edmodo should only be visible to the teacher, not other students, because the entries may be more personal.

Students can make up the end of a story I have posted. As they write on the livetyping platform, everyone can see the story and make comments. In the classroom we choose two of their posts and work on correcting errors. See how it works here. Another option is to ask the students retell a true story using the target language and vocabulary we have studied in a specific lesson. Videos, images and songs can be uploaded on a virtual multimedia wall.

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  5. Still, I would like to improve all areas of my English skills. Plzzz if any bady have any notes in this topic so plzz send me plzzz I m making a assignment in this topic so plzzz send me any information on this topic. I want to refresh my English language because I have children in school so I need to help them in their teatching. The internet is English About half of homepages on the internet are in English and as of the English edition of Wikipedia contains the most articles.

    English can take you to amazing places As well as opening up exciting new avenues for students, being able to teach English can also offer language teachers new opportunities.

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