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The United States gained colonies on both sides of the Pacific including Hawaii. On August 12, Congress took control and proclaimed Hawaii American territory, and issued the open door policy, which were messages that president John Hay sent to Germany, France, Russia, Britain, Italy and Japan asking the countries not to interfere with the United States trading rights in China.

The United States had long been interested in a Central American canal to link its east and west coasts, expand trade and for military interest.

In President Theodore Roosevelt decided on Panama over Nicaragua and negotiated a treaty with Columbia giving the United States permission for the canal project. The Panamanians had authorized Philippe Bunau-Varilla an official of the French Canal Company to negotiate the terms and sign the agreement.

U.S. Imperialism and Manifest Destiny Impact U.S. Workplaces

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The purchase of Alaska after the Civil War briefly revived the concept of Manifest Destiny, but it most evidently became a renewed force in U. John L. Yet when he expanded his idea on December 27, , in a newspaper column in the New York Morning News , the wider audience seized upon his reference to divine superintendence. Some found the opinion intriguing, but others were simply irritated.

The Whig Party sought to discredit Manifest Destiny as belligerent as well as pompous, beginning with Massachusetts Rep. James K. Yet unabashed Democrats took up Manifest Destiny as a slogan. The phrase frequently appeared in debates relating to Oregon , sometimes as soaring rhetoric and other times as sarcastic derision. Although it became a rallying cry as well as a rationale for the foreign policy that reached its culmination in —46, the attitude behind Manifest Destiny had long been a part of the American experience.

The impatient English who colonized North America in the s and s immediately gazed westward and instantly considered ways to venture into the wilderness and tame it.

The Monroe Doctrine and Manifest Destiny

The cause of that ceaseless wanderlust varied from region to region, but the behaviour became a tradition within one generation. The western horizon would always beckon, and Americans would always follow. This is certainly the case in Latin America, where, for example, in the cases of United Fruit in Guatemala and International Telephone and Telegraph ITT in Chile, political and military initiatives were undertaken largely to support the interests of particular corporations and to create the political climate for the expansion of U.

Asia was different. In Asia, U. In contrast to Latin America, commercial rationales were formulated to support the extension of the strategic reach of the U. This was true as far back as , when Commodore Matthew Perry brought his ships to Tokyo Bay to open Japan up to commerce. It was not unusual that a naval officer rather than a merchant forced Japan to open.

In the U. In , when the U.

The Manifest Destiny Essay

China, Korea, and Japan were sources of exotic imports rather than significant exports. Investments in the region were negligible.

What lay behind the great leap westward was not a business cabal but a strategic lobby of naval and political expansionists mainly interested in extending the reach of the U. Entrepreneurs operating in Hawaii, the Philippines, China and the interstices of the dominant European empires vociferously supported the expansion, but they did not constitute the center for U.

That center was in New York and oriented far more towards Europe than Asia.

Manifest Destiny

Navy became particularly adept at invoking a commercial rationale to promote U. The small island of Guam in the Marianas and the Philippine archipelago were depicted as stepping stones to the riches of China but only to justify their annexation in the face of significant domestic opposition. Hawaii had been under the control of American planters for over a decade, but it was not until the Spanish — American War of that its strategic importance was fully appreciated.

During the war, the naval base at Pearl Harbor was instrumental in projecting U.

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Chief of the colonizing army that subjugated the country, MacArthur described the Philippines as. Its strategic location is unexcelled by any other position in the globe.

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The China Sea, which separates it by something like miles from the continent, is nothing more nor less than a safety moat. It lies on the flank of what might be called several thousand miles of coastline; it is the center of that position. It is therefore relatively better placed than Japan, which is on a flank, and therefore remote from the other extremity; likewise India, on another flank.

The Monroe Doctrine and Manifest Destiny | US History I (AY Collection)

It affords a means of protecting American interests which with the very least output of physical power has the effect of a commanding position in itself to retard hostile action. So important was a western Pacific presence for the institutional expansion of the Navy that when key Army officials favored withdrawal from the region in the s, arguing that the Philippines and other Pacific U.

This set the stage for the U. Projection of strategic power continued to be the central impetus behind U. Projecting U. In reality, this military network formed an autonomous transnational garrison state. Power projection was the principal determinant of U. The strategic and political priorities were underlined by the fact that the U. These policies severely disadvantaged U. It was only when the Cold War began to wind down, during the Reagan presidency, that corporate and trade interests began to dominate the U.

Pressures for this shift had, of course, been building for years; pressures based on the growing and accurate — perception of both U. It was only in the late s, with the waning of the strategic threat, that the Washington elite allowed U. But whether pushed principally by strategic motives, as in Asia, or by corporate interests, as in Latin America, U.

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  5. It was an idealism born out of the U. Anti-colonialism and democracy thus coexisted in often sharp tension with the strategic and economic imperatives of U.