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For more information about ordering dissertations, visit our dissertation page. If you are an author, additional information about ordering dissertations can be.

This is a list of what it's not now and not likely to be in the future. We'll keep this up to date with examples of the latest features as we develop Thesis. Use the Thesis. If you have use Thesis.

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Simply wrap your HTML in a content function call, specifying html as the content type. Don't like the MediumEditor? Write your own custom editor implementing the common editor interface. For more detail, check out HtmlEditor or this gist implementing a custom editor using Trumbowyg. You can have the user specify an image URL and display the image with the image content type.

Files are stored in a separate table and contain all of the needed metadata name, file type, and blobs themselves. Keep in mind as you upload more and more files, your database will grow quickly. Don't use this for high-traffic, content-heavy web applications. Smaller personal websites are probably fine.

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That's it! Restart your server and image content areas will now contain a file upload field. Content areas in Thesis are page-specific. However, if you want an editable area that can be displayed on multiple pages, use the Thesis. Any page using that content area identifier will display the edited content across the whole website. We suggest that you not style these divs heavily, since Thesis uses them as editors and adds its own styles in edit-mode.

However, sometimes, you need to modify that markup slightly for better presentation. You can provide an ID and additional classes by specifying id and classes , respectively. Thesis provides a settings tray to edit each page's title and description.

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In your layout, you can output the current title and description like so:. Thesis supports users creating and deleting dynamically routed pages. These differ from static pages in that they are routed by Thesis rather than Phoenix, and live only in your database. They can be rendered with different templates. Use any view you want, and put any templates contained in that view that you want to make available in the templates list. These will be displayed as a drop-down to the user when they are creating the new dynamic page.

You can choose to make only a portion of your website support dynamic pages by routing more specifically. For example, if you want a blog section:.

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You probably don't want your website editable by the world. Thesis doesn't force you to use any particular authorization strategy. So, in this case, we're simply checking to see if the user has been logged in or not.

In particular, applying the Heading styles identifies text that can be used to automatically generate a table of contents. Styles also allow for quick changes throughout your document — if you change the font of a Heading style, for example, any text identified with that heading will then be changed throughout the document. We suggest you set up your styles in a blank document, then save it as a template as described in Creating and Using Template s. The ScholarSpace template has many of the styles already set up.

View this video to get started and then visit the pages in the drop down menu to receive written instructions.

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Rick: Well, you can have up to eight different menu styles. And you can apply those menu styles to as many menus as you wish. And the first menu style is the blue menu style. Save that. And the second menu style is the green menu style.

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And save that. Now the main menu can either be blue or green. And the category menu can either be blue or green. They could both be green or they could be the same as nav menu. And we could make our hover background yellow. Ok, this is now the thesis Nav Menu Style. And to the extent that those menus use the Thesis Nav Menu style, then we style that way. However, if we instead of using the Thesis Nav Menu Style, we use… well and so this third column here, gives you the opportunity to add additional styles to the Thesis Nav Menu. So your link text color now can be blue. And we can hit save. And we come back over and refresh. And now this one has the styling of the blue menu and this one still has a styling of the Thesis Nav Menu.