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The education sector in Gujarat perhaps has not been shining to its potential due to the lack of a concerted policy direction. Much of the current system of education derives itself from the National Policy on Education, Though the constitution clearly mandates education as both a centre and state subject, there have been limited efforts in the state of Gujarat on framing a focused education policy to enable holistic development of education.

Though it is a significant leap from its 14th position not very long ago, it still points to a compelling need for making intensive efforts to bring about a change in the status of education in the state.

Policy framework Any development oriented programme derives much of its strength from inherent legislative directives framed in the form of a policy. In the last 17 years, Kiran has designed and executed a unique student-centric curriculum. She has helped turn kids into real-life superheroes and innovate solutions for real-life problems in their immediate environment and communities. DFC, as a global movement, has touched 2.

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Named among the top ten student innovators in India, and also the winner of the National Youth Icon Award , Anil Pradhan, a year-old civil engineering graduate, has quit three cushy jobs. A two-storey building on 2. Today, his family and some good samaritans help him run it.

For example, in Kabad se Jugaad , the kids use e-waste and make something out of it. In Jor ka Jhatka , Anil teaches them to build small robots like microcontrollers and microprocessors. With no exams, students are graded on the questions asked in class. And instead of marks, they have an academic graph to assess the improvement or drop. Gutted, but not one to give up, he took care of everything, including their food, shelter and education.

Over the 20 years of his career, the district, state, and national award-winning teacher, Omprakash Mishra has performed many such deeds. Firstly, a good teacher is the one who reaches the level of the students to teach them, communicates easily and simplifies the most complex concepts. Second, learning is not a one-way street. Be vibrant and connect your examples to real-life situations. Lastly, help them learn to live together.

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  • Values are important. Every student may or may not become a doctor, engineer, teacher or class one officer.

    7 Innovations Being Introduced to Enhance the Education System

    But they could become better individuals who respect and live in harmony if shown how to. It is an iterative process. For example, we used pebbles and yarn to help children form and identify alphabets or played hopscotch with letters to help them form words—and they loved it! It can help first-generation schoolgoers in the slums of Hyderabad become doctors, engineers, teachers, computer scientists, financial advisors, nurses, armed force personnel, and above all, better citizens. It was a school where first-generation schoolgoers like the children of househelps, rickshaw pullers, labourers and watchmen, often denied education in other schools, were openly welcomed.

    Many among its current students pay nominal fees or study free of cost. There are no screening processes.

    Anil Pradhan, International Public School for Rural Innovation

    A test is administered not to select them but to understand their level of learning and cater to their needs accordingly. The school runs on the goodwill of those around her and the nominal fees that it charges.

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    They are the sculptors who mould the minds of students to greatness. They can be the North Star that guides generations to reach their goals. You are not preparing them for exams, you are preparing them for life. So arm them with those skills for life and build citizens with the highest moral values for the country. At Katha, all education starts with quality books for children and a book-rich environment. It is built on a bold and singular idea that children can change their world when inspired by big ideas, and surrounded by books. After a three-decade journey of working with poor communities for their upliftment, Katha has nearly one lakh grassroots volunteers and advocates today!

    What hones this space best? Lots of books! Science Fiction. Help them create rich content that helps them understand and break social, cultural and gender stereotypes. Create reading chains in your school and neighbourhood, foster libraries!

    TBI Blogs: 7 Brilliant Innovations that Teachers Can Use to Make their Classrooms More Engaging

    In states across India, the teacher-to-student ratio is jarring, sometimes with just one music teacher in a government school teaching all subjects. Impacting over 1. It then uses artificial intelligence to analyse the performance of these students through quizzes and gives them personalised suggestions to improve learning outcomes on the Eckovation app.