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Brazil is vibrantly green; even in its more urban areas the flora and fauna of the rainforest is pervasive, giving the cities and countryside alike a unique sense of vitality. In the national park, we stared in awe at the thunderous falls and the multitude of rainbows shimmering in every direction. We even got up close and personal to the falls by taking a boat ride to the base of Iguazu and getting drenched in the deluge. For our first dinner, we sought out a churrascaria — where everything is grilled to perfection from cuts of beef we never knew existed, to cheese, and pineapple.

What a welcome to Brazil! Embraer recently sold its commercial division to Boeing and is being split down the middle, renamed, and re-envisioned. In our time here, we discovered that employees are enthusiastic about Embraer, passionate about their projects, and generous with their time — often our meetings and interviews run several hours long!

On our first day in the Embraer global headquarters, Guilherme, Portfolio Manager with the Innovation Strategy Team, introduced us to strong Brazilian coffee and chocolate-filled cappuccinos.

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Our project sponsor, Sandro, Director of Innovation Strategy at Embraer, welcomed us to his home for a true Brazilian barbecue experience. Known for its beaches, favelas, and caipirinhas, Rio de Janeiro a city that moves at its own beat. Along with visiting Copacabana, we enjoyed the Rio Sunday farmers market, visited Christ the Redeemer, and hiked Sugarloaf.

We enjoyed two days swimming and snacking across Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro. Expansive factory buildings, several football fields in length and filled with dozens of line workers, held awe-inspiring assembly lines of commercial planes capacity of up to people and executive jets, with wings being attached, engines installed, and designs painted reflecting top airline companies from around the world. The individual plane components are made on site, manufactured in massive metal machines, and later assembled into recognizable parts like wings, fuselages, and tails through both automated and manual processes.

The coordination and organization required to turn tens of thousands of parts into an airplane is mind-boggling, and Embraer is one of the best in the world. Our work with the Embraer team is bringing our strategy, operations, design thinking, and other Haas coursework to life in the real world.

As we worked in our office alongside the Embraer runway, sounds of test flights overhead brought a constant reminder of what we were here to achieve, an Embraer ready for the future.

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Our team of five had the opportunity to work with Samai on its marketing expansion strategy and financial model for the next round of fundraising. Introduction and Guided Tour. On the first day to Samai, Daniel gave the team a thorough tour on the production process, which ranged from fermentation to bottling. To gain an understanding of what the rum production process looked like before arriving on-site, the team attended private distillery tours and conducted several interviews with individuals who worked in the spirits industry.

Being able to visualize the production steps allowed us to make more informed and strategic recommendations. In addition, we were able to have more insightful conversations when speaking face to face with Daniel and learn more in depth about business. Day of Arrival Brief. Prior to arriving on site, the team held weekly conference calls with Samai to discuss the scope and details of the project.

Given that Samai is a growing start up, our project scope fluctuated quite a bit. After we presented our global expansion plan, we found it more opportunistic to help Samai redefine their mission and values and provide them with strategic marketing plans and tactics for implementation. The most popular cocktail on the menu is the infamous 21 Points, cheekily named by co-owner Antonio. Original cocktail 21 Points presents a classic version of a rum and coke, while the 21 Points features the Samai Rum, cola, lime, bitters, and fresh sugarcane.

We can attest that it is as delicious as it sounds! We spent our evening talking with customers, bartenders, and expats to gain deeper insight into their perspective of Samai.

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These insights were an invaluable contribution to our formulation of marketing and expansion strategies. This year, the girls and boys battled it out for curating the best cocktail on the tiki bar menu. We did our best to act like seasoned bartenders who knew how to accommodate a packed bar. As much fun as Samai nights may be, its purpose is to produce rum. Venezuelan co-owner Daniel Pacheco hopes to improve the reputation of rum as a high-end alcohol worthy of appreciation.

Weekend Adventure 1. The team had a great, relaxing time on the Koh Rong Sanloem, a well-known island off the coast of Cambodia. We continued to work on our marketing efforts, even during our vacation weekend. During our resort stay, we asked if the resort had Samai rum at their bar.

To our surprise, the resort said that they had already ordered Samai rum, or we would have never given up our marketing efforts. Weekend Adventure 2. The team rose at 4am to catch the sunrise at Angkor Wat. Though exhausted from the early wake up call, it was truly worthwhile experience to have see this exceptional view.

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The team also enjoyed visiting multiple temples in Angkor Wat and learning about the history of the Kingdom of Cambodia. Patrick Awuah speaking at Berkeley Haas Commencement. In his remarks, Patrick spoke of his time at Berkeley Haas spent working on his business plan for Ashesi University, along with five other MBA students. We all had hope that it was going to be a remarkable institution, but it has exceeded even our loftiest dreams. IBD students have worked on 13 separate consulting projects with Ashesi University since the year , including a team of five MBA students who are currently in Ghana for three weeks.

Check back with us as the latest IBD Ashesi team writes a blog that shares their unique experience of working with the faculty, staff and students of Ashesi University. To read the address only, click here. Tell us a bit about the project you worked on while in Kampala? Our time in Uganda was spent interviewing tourism industry stakeholders and exploring the country as tourists ourselves. Libby: What surprised me most about the IBD program was the access and responsibility our team was given.

We presented our final recommendations to the Prime Minister and various Ministers and members of government, including the Minister of Tourism. Libby: My favorite part so far has been brainstorming and problem solving with the different teams. IBD: How does it feel to be on the other side now, working with the staff and Faculty on the program verses being a student in the program?

Libby: For current IBD students, my advice is to enjoy it! It allows students to not only gain consulting experience, but experience working in a different country with a different culture, which is extremely valuable. IBD: After you graduate, what will you be doing? Will you bring any of the skills or experiences learned in IBD to your new role? One of my biggest takeaways is the importance of expectation setting and being open and comfortable with ambiguity.

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Shaun was a Summer IBD student who spent two months working on a project with a financial services company located in Mexico City. There are many ways to learn about our program, what steps have you taken to learn about the Haas School of Business Program? Basic research will certainly include a visit to the website and perusal of the course catalog. To really demonstrate fit you will benefit from visiting campus, attending an informational session or connecting with alumni or current students. The personal touch is often the most helpful, and will give you an opportunity to really understand how you can personally be connected to the school.

Required Essays: Give us an example of a situation in which you displayed leadership. In this essay you will want to think about a specific leadership experience and what you did, said, felt and accomplished.

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Leadership can be expressed in many ways. Perhaps you lead a team of people at work, or in a volunteer capacity. If you do not have a formal leadership role you might have led a project or contributed as a strong leader from a team perspective. Whichever type of leadership experience you had, make sure to provide specifics of the situation.

Strong results always stand out! What are your post-MBA short-term and long-term career goals? How do your professional experiences relate to these goals? This year it will be especially important to logically connect your background and your future, as schools will be looking for candidates who can be successful in a challenging job market. Be specific about why the Haas School of Business is the right program to pursue your goals as well. Make sure you have determined exactly what courses make sense for your career goals and the programs and clubs that you will participate in to reach your personal and professional goals.

If there is an aspect of your background that was not illustrated in previous questions this can be a great opportunity. If you have a weakness you would like to address here, focus on specifics. Describe what happened, why it is not representative of your potential, and provide specific examples of how you have performed better in your life since. Explanations and not excuses are always the best path. Pingback: Business school haas.

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