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Below, we'll lay out the specific steps for letter-writing, explore some general tips, and review two specific types of letters. Let's tackle how to write a letter in proper order, from top to bottom. These steps will mostly be directed toward a formal letter.

What is a letter of intent?

The good news is that an informal letter is even easier. You can dial back or remove a few of the elements we're about to discuss when writing an informal letter.

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To start, place your full address -- including your full name, street address, city, state, and zip code -- in the upper left-hand corner. Skip a line and include the date. Skip a line and place the recipient's full address. Here, you'll want to include the company name, the recipient's name and title, and mailing address. Skip one more line to insert the greeting.

This is called the salutation. In a formal letter, you can use a generic, "To whom it may concern:" or, "Dear Mr. Henry:" Formal letters tend to require a colon after the greeting, and informal letters take a comma. Skip a line and begin the letter. In the body of your letter, separate your thoughts into paragraphs.

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You never want to draft one big block of text. For each new set of thoughts or ideas, begin a new paragraph. Skip one of your final lines to include a complimentary close. The closing can be as simple as, "Sincerely," "Yours truly," or "Gratefully. Skip three lines where you'll insert your handwritten signature , and type your full name.

You may also include your title on the next line. If you're including any attachments with your letter, skip one more line and type "Enclosure. For a few more pointers, check out our article on Business Communication Letter Writing. With this general formula in mind, let's review a few final tips before we take a look at a sample letter:. Know your audience. Only use technical terms or jargon if you are sure the reader will understand.

Be clear and to the point. Do not write two pages if one will do. Leave out unnecessary details.

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As you re-read your letter for accuracy, ask yourself if anything in there is unnecessary information. Remain professional. Do not include any threats or slander in your letter, even if you are writing a complaint letter or a letter of resignation.

Keeping the above formula and tips in mind, here's a sample letter that illustrates each section. Below the sample text here, you will find a fully editable PDF that you can use as a template for drafting your own letter. This past weekend, I met one of your staff members, Cody Abercorn. He was manning your company's booth at the Cincinnati Trade Show. Since our booths were adjacent to one another, we had the opportunity to get to know each other rather well.

I must say, his professionalism and welcoming attitude toward your visitors was highly encouraging. Visitors were welcomed into your company's booth as if they were entering his home for a Friday evening dinner party. Every guest became a fast friend. Beyond that, they left the booth highly informed on your product line. How often do we receive congratulatory letters, in a sea full of complaint letters?

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  6. I wanted to make sure you began your week with a highly complimentary letter. I would say you spend a lot of time training your staff and Cody has certainly reaped those rewards. As President and CEO of my own marketing firm, Branding Ambassadors, I wonder if you might consider teaming Cody up with us for a social media marketing campaign? Perhaps we can partner up on a short campaign where we sponsor one another in two to three posts.

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